Looking for more assistance? A business coach? An organizer? Professional photographer?
The following are business owners whom I know personally and are highly recommended, both professionally and for the resources they provide.
They have allowed me to provide their information so they may be of service to you.

Mary Cravets, Business Coach & Speaker
(805) 242.6456
Mary loves speaking to entrepreneurs about the challenges and solutions that go along with working for yourself. Always focusing on specific action steps, authentic success and keeping your sense of humor, she’s available to speak on a variety of topics including:

  • Win at Business Without Loosing Your Mind: 3 Small Steps to Big Business Success
  • Simplify Your Marketing: Create More Leads & Income by Doing Les
  • Too Busy to Grow? Smart Strategies to Expand Your Business and Get Your Freedom Back


Great StoryJanice Dahl
Great Story
Photographs are the most personal gift you can give someone — or yourself. Isn’t it time to tell a Great Story!? When you get right down to it, everyone has a beautiful photo to be taken and amazing, inspirational stories to tell – including you! At GreatStory!, we distill the essence of your life story and immortalize it in words and pictures. Whether a poster, a booklet or a gift item, these are mementos with real meaning – for you and your loved ones. We have fantastic photo gift ideas for someone you love or care about, or someone you want to inspire or congratulate — or yourself. It’ll mean so much more than a mass-manufactured item that you simply purchase.


Organize AtoZ Logo ResourcesTracey Shadley
Organize A to Z
“Organize Your Space, Organize Your Life!”
We are a full service organizing business. Our strength is in serving our customers the way they want and expect to be served. We passionately believe that an organized life is a happier life. Being organized in one’s daily tasks allows you the freedom to spend time doing the things that bring you joy instead of trudging through the mundane. Our aim is to listen carefully to what you want, need, expect and dream of and then come up with a solution as unique as you. Our goal is to create systems and surroundings to help you live a more productive, effective and peaceful lifestyle. Our services include: 1)Space organizing and custom closet design 2) Home staging 3) Personal organizing 4) Business organizing 5) Concierge services


Sound of Leadership Logo ResourcesTessa Alburn, CEO
The Sound of Leadership
Awaken the Creator Within!
Tessa is passionate about supporting leaders in the transformation and personal growth industry through innovative curriculum design, transformation technologies, and uplifting group leadership skills. She shows you how to create your authentic content that will change lives and truly make a difference.

  • Design foundational courses that support your success and your growing business
  • Be a confident leader of your teleclasses, VIP days and retreats
  • Design a 24/7 home study course or  have Tessa do it for you
  • Create inspiring group programs and big results for your clients Tessa Alburn, CEO