Testimonials from clients…

TestimonialsMary Cravets
Business Coach & Speaker
“Laura keeps me on track! She is not only incredibly attentive to detail, but also helps to develop the processes and checklists that make everything run more smoothly. She has freed me up to develop my business, and take some time off! It was scary for me to make a financial commitment when my business was still in the beginning stages, but I’m so glad I did. I appreciate how you’ve grown alongside my business, and can anticipate what we need. You’re awesome!”

Sharon Loy
Sharon Loy, Animal Communicator
Sharon Loy, Listen to Your Animals
“You’ve been a god-send for me and I’m so grateful for your help. You are fun and easy to work with, joyful, and very thorough and clear.”



Jaymie Meyer, CWP, ERYT500

Resilience for Life
“Laura Schappert in a word: impeccable. An outstanding communicator, uber-organized and 100% accountable. I recommend her highly.”


testimonialsLaura Hansen, President
Goldvision, LLCA – Mindfulness Education Company
“As a business adviser helping companies scale and make the best use of their resources, I am always looking for exceptional professionals I can recommend. I have looked for a virtual assistant firm who had it all: detail-oriented, strategic vision, impeccable follow-through, enjoyable to work with, and offered comprehensive support services. After the experience I had working with Laura for my own company, I can give a solid gold recommendation to my clients and colleagues. And, yes I am writing this testimonial in the hopes you will look no further — you have found the best.”

testimonialsJanice Dahl
Great Story! – Your Life is Your Legacy. Share It.
“Laura is the kind of ‘go-to’ person every professional needs. When your office, or your life, spins a little out of control, give a bit of it to Laura and I’ll guarantee she’ll listen, analyze and bring it back to you totally in control. She’s calm, organized, patient and professional. I have used her for things I absolutely cannot do myself, and she performs every time and on time.”

testimonialsBella Donna
Bee Healthy
“After working with personal assistants for over thirty years I’ve hit on a ringer with Laura. She does only high-quality work, going above and beyond like no one I’ve ever worked with in decades. I’m looking forward to a long-term relationship with her as we both grow in our personal and business adventures with each other’s support. She is truly a super-star!!”

testimonialsTessa Alburn
CEO of The Sound of Leadership and Creator of the Authentic Content System
“Laura really helped me out when I needed someone with clear thinking and the ability to “get it done!” I was preparing to lead a new course for entrepreneurs and realized I would not be able to focus on what was important if I was overly concerned with the formatting of my action guide. With Laura on my team, I was able to focus clearly and make rapid, powerful decisions so my presentation packed a punch and gave the entrepreneurs and coaches some massive value. When Laura sent me the final action guide document, I was thrilled and excited. The guide was done exactly as I requested, and something I could be confident in handing out. Thank you, Laura, for your professional manner and the speed in which you delivered!”


Shannon Presson
Business Coach, Trainer, Speaker

“Laura is AWESOME!  She’s so organized and did a wonderful job of keeping me on track and on schedule.  So often, as solo-preneurs, we find ourselves juggling all the various parts and pieces of our business and wind up doing all the “urgent” things rather than the most important things.  Working with Laura was so easy and effortless!  I highly recommend her if you are needing a professional VA to take the urgent stuff off your plate so you can focus on what’s really important in your business.”


Claire Charles
Divine Clarity Now

“Laura has designed a lovely website for me. She has been patient and caring, professional and accommodating. We have had a delightful collaboration, I can contact her and she gets back to me. What a relief as I have worked to understand what she must do on her side of techy things….and I have no idea, really, of what  all that entails. She also created a Facebook business page for me, linked accounts up, etc. I go to her with my questions and her business expertise is plus. I highly recommend Laura to those wanting a reliable virtual assistant. She works hard to please her clients and is a source of excellent advice.”

Glenda Gracia, Manager and Brand Strategist
“Laura is a high level professional, who will truly be an asset to your team. She supported a sold-out show at Cottonwood’s Old Town Center for the Arts on the recent Tina Malia US Tour.  Laura is at the top of our list of people to go to!”

Olin Robie, North Star Internet Marketing & Sedona-Arizona Vacations
“Laura manages email campaigns, does online research and other miscellaneous tasks for me. I find her to be prompt meeting deadlines, flexible, accurate and and proactive. What more could I want?”

Geri Whaley, PhD, Senior Certified Trainer, Send Out Cards
“Laura is the latest greatest form of assistant who is ‘there to serve.’ She listens very carefully, follows up with exactitude, smiles through the entire process. She makes everything look simple. I am so happy she is in my life.”

Tony C., Author, ‘Taking the First Step: Daily Meditations for 12 Step Programs
“I hired Laura to edit my book:, Taking the First Step: Daily Meditations for 12 Step Programs. It’s 456 pages and Laura found every missing space, comma, grammatical error and the dreaded run-on-sentence. She’s great, I would recommend her without reservation.”

Prior to becoming a Virtual Assistant…

Marc Cool, General Manager, Seeds of Change
“I recommend Laura without hesitation. She is a very hard working, dedicated and committed individual, who takes on jobs and activities seriously. She believes in what she does and brings a strong sense of social responsibility to her work. She will say yes to any challenge and focuses on doing what is necessary for the good of the whole.”

Doug Arbogast, Project Leader, Student Conservation Association
“Laura was a tremendous asset to the formation and implementation of the Fayette County Farmers Market (WV). She provided hours of volunteer time to the steering committee and had the organizational and management skills required to successfully launch the Market and guide it through its first few years. Her skills managing the finances as treasurer allowed the Market to sustain itself and grow. Laura would be a great asset to any organization or community initiative.”

Brandon Holmes, Managing Partner / Business Development, WELD
“Laura worked as an office administrator with WELD for two years. Her role crossed many disciplines including human resources, accounts receivable, accounts payable, budgeting and general administration. While wearing a variety of hats she demonstrated a strong work ethic and attention to detail. Laura would regularly put in extra hours to see that a project was on track and meeting the broader team’s needs. She demonstrated proficiency in managing a small office in a fast growing Internet marketing company.”

Jenny Becksted, Program Manager/Team Leader, Appalachian Coal Country Watershed Team
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Laura in several capacities – as her manager at ACCWT and also as a colleague and co-board member of the Plateau Action Network. I have met very few people as dedicated, selfless, organized, spirited, and lovely as Laura. She is extremely detail-oriented and observant, thus nothing gets by her – which is a tremendous asset when you’ve got a bunch of balls in the air. Next to her strong work ethic and commitment to anything she sets her mind to, I would say that Laura’s natural cheery and positive disposition are her greatest strengths. She is a valuable member to any team she joins.”

T. Allan Comp, Ph.D., Coordinator: OSM/VISTA Teams, U.S. DOI, Office of Surface Mining
“Laura started part-time with the Coal Country Team and quickly proved her worth and was soon made full-time, by me. She completed a variety of tasks, some demanding, others tedious, and she did them all well.”